Training Trip to Korea 2017

Cultural experience & learning of martial arts by Grandmaster Kang

Training in Seoul

The Travelers should book their flights and accommodation for themselves for the below mentioned travel time to Seoul. But we are willing to help you by your travel organisation. As soon as we get a good travel deal from the travel agents, we will notify you immediately. Please register by e-mail to us, so that you can receive the necessary information from us.
We will work out almost every night at the headquarters of the International Gongkwon Yusul Association where our Grand Master Kang teaches personally.
In addition, many cultural programs will be organized (e.g.: visiting the historical places, common culinary journey etc.). In 2017 we will plan to visit to the southwestern city Changwon and Chrysanthemums Festival and to train there, of course, with our Grand Master Kang and many other masters.

General information

Schedule:approx. 22 October – 4 November 2017 (subject to change)
Places:Headquarters of Korea Gongkwon Yusul Association in Seoul by Grand Master Kang
Changwon and Southsea coast
Organiser:Mi-Ae Cho (GK-Manager EGH)
Dong-Hyeon Yun< (Director EGH)
Further information/ Application:via e-mail
  • Gongkwon Yusul lessons by Grand Master Kang in Seoul (every evening from Mon to Fri in the week)
  • Sightseeing tour to the historical and classical sights in Seoul, the capital of Korea (royal palaces, traditional streets, museums etc.)
  • Culinary introduction
  • Meeting and activities with Korean university students who can speak German and English (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Department of German Education)
  • Visiting attractions and Chrysanthemums Festival in Changwon and Southsea coast
  • Special training with Grand Master Kang in Changwon (with masters Oh, Son, Choi)
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