System and structure

Essential components


Tagyeokgi (Striking techniques)

strikes, punches and kicks as basic techniques

  • Sugi (Hand and arm techniques)
  • Joksul (Foot and leg techniques)

Yusulgi (Gentle art)

all other techniques exept Tagyeokgi

  • Ipsik Gwanjeolgi (Standing joint locking techniques)
  • Mechigi (Throwing techniques)
  • Wasul (Ground techniques)

Matdaegi (Distance exercise with partner)

The above basic techniques are trained in pairs from a certain distance. These exercises can be considered one of Gongkwon Yusul's typical methods of practice.

  • Sugi (Hand and arm techniques)
  • Joksul (Foot and leg techniques)
  • Mechigi (Throwing techniques)
  • Gwanjeolgi (Joint locking techniques)

Samwonbon (Combination exercises of essential Gongkwon Yusul techniques)

The basic techniques are combined with each other fluently in this exercise. The exercise forms are compiled according to the difficulty and explain at the same time the way of martial arts (Mudo), i.e. the philosophy.

  1. Simmubon (Quest for the right way of Mudo)
  2. Gyeonbeopbon (Finding the principles)
  3. Ipgibon (Finding the correct techniques)
  4. Jwasulbon (Sitting upright in the method)
  5. Waryakbon (Determining the strategies)
  6. Seongdobon (Realisation of the Do, the way of martial arts)
  7. Jonyongbon (Respect of applications)
  8. Bansubon (Return of the methods)
  9. Bangbeopbon (Letting go of the principles)
  10. Mangdobon (Forgetting the way as the highest level of martial arts)

Hyeong (Patterns)

Each sequence of techniques is practised without a partner, but with imaginary opponents. High level techniques are trained to develop the application competence and the fine motor skills. Special emphasis is put on direction of view, body movement, breathing and speed.

  • Mujin Hyeong
  • Yongjin Hyeong

Daeryeon (Free fight exercise with partner)

Daeryeon is an essential component of the Gongkwon Yusul training. This is an exercise for body and mind, developing judgement of distance, decision making, agility, spontaneity and endurance.

  • Ilbo Daeryeon (One step fight)
  • Yibo Daeryeon (Two step fight)
  • Yaksik Daeryeon (Restricted fight/Fight with restrictions)
  • Wasul Daeryeon (Ground fight)
  • Jayu Daeryeon (Free fight)
  • Sihap Daeryeon (Competition fight)
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