Contents of Instructor Course


Part I

System of Gongkwon Yusul / complete technical program up to 1st Dan

  • Basic techniques
    Striking, punching, kicking, defence, steps, falling exercises, throwing, joint locking, take down, grounding techniques
  • Combination techniques
    Hand, arm, foot, leg techniques, throwing, joint locking, continuation and counter techniques
  • Exercises with a partner
    Hand, arm, foot, leg techniques, throwing, joint locking and ground techniques
  • Free fight techniques


Part II

Didactic instruction / Learning program & teaching methods

  • Philosophy and history
  • Dojang manners and Gongkwon Yusul culture
  • Learning and teaching methods
  • Error Analysis
  • Test instruction – Choice of topic, planning and execution


Part III (fee required extra course only for opening a professional school)

Management system of a professional school for Gongkwon Yusul

  • Business idea
  • Planning and location of a gym
  • Process of the opening of a gym
  • Counselling methods
  • Principles and methods of individual support
  • Financial controlling


Part IV

Final examination: program up to 1st Dan (Black belt)

  • Written exam (30 Min.)
  • Oral exam (30 Min.)
  • Technical test
  • Sitting meditation (30 Min.)
  • 10 continuous free fights
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